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If Napa is the wine lover’s Nirvana, then the Rocky Mountain Front Range is the beer drinker’s high Olympus. And nowhere is the malted magic that is beer more appreciated and celebrated in its many guises than Longmont, Colorado.

That Left Hand Brewery “Red Hand” logo hanging in the window may not be waving and saying, “Hello from all of us in Longmont!” but not far from it. More importantly, wherever you see the Hand, whether locally or in markets nationwide, you know you’re going to get great beer. Since 1994, Left Hand Brewery has been creating fine ales and lagers in the classic European traditions. Knowing those rules is knowing how and when to break them, too. Left Hand takes their own approach to many classic styles and offers special seasonal offerings and sought-after limited releases. Like it light? Try a Polestar Pilsner. Something darker in your future? How about a Milk Stout? Stop by the brewery for a glass or two, take home a growler, or find them in stores. (Click here for brewery and tour information).



Oskar Blues is the vanguard (or is it canguard?) of the new can-beer revolution. Progenitor of new technology that makes flavorful craft beer available in a can, Oskar Blues introduction of their flagship Dale’s Pale Ale changed the game. The result? Great tasting craft beer in an easily recyclable, compact aluminum container. It’s a win-win for tin-tin. Oskar Blues offerings can be sampled on-tap at Oskar Blues Homemade Liquids and Solids restaurant, the Tasty Weasel Tap Room, CHUBurger restaurant, CyclHOPS restaurant or found in cans in many package stores nationwide. (Click here for brewery and tour information).

For beer made to be enjoyed in-house, try the Pumphouse, Longmont’s downtown brewpub. Serving a rotating palette of beers invented and brewed on-premises, the Pumphouse offers a wide variety of beers in styles from light to dark, lagers to ales. Indulge your appetite with their delicious menu featuring both one-of-a-kind creations to unique takes on classic pub fare. Of course, “in-house” could also mean in YOUR house – so try a half gallon growler of your favorite to-go. (Click here for brewery information).

Tap into the Longmont BeerBlog for news and events announcements.

Oskar Blues

Suggestions for a Specialized Itinerary

Great American Beer Festival Weekend (GABF) – Annually, around the first week of October

The Biggest Little Beer Town in Colorado wants YOU to visit Longmont as part of your Great American Beer Festival (GABF) weekend! Avoid the big city crowds and enjoy some small town hospitality and craft beer. Stay in Longmont for an authentic beer-centric experience, travel to Denver to take in the World Stage of Beer at the Great American Beer Festival, and then close out the weekend with lunch at the bally-hoo’d Oskar Blues.

  • Thursday: Left Hand Brewery / Pumphouse (Longmont)
  • Friday: GABF (Day Trip to Denver)
  • Saturday: GABF (Day Trip to Denver)
  • Sunday: Oskar Blues (Longmont)



Oskar Blues Blues Bus – Weekend Scheduling, See Link for Details

Oskar Blues puts their spin on “pub”-lic transportation with the Oskar Blues beer bus. Oskar’s offers the “LL,” your link to their two great restaurant and live music venues in Longmont and Lyons. Hop on the bus (and hops off the bus) and you’ll be treated to great local, regional, and national blues and roots music at Oskar Blues –Longmont and Oskar Blues - Lyons. You’ll also get a stop at the Tasty Weasel tasting room. Become a well-travelled beer-wonk in one night. ROAD TRIP!