TinkerMill is a place where like-minded people interested in art, technology, science and business can collaborate on creative projects; share tools; learn; teach; make things; prototype new ideas, products and services; start ventures; meet new people; and share knowledge. Our facility prides itself in a variety of resources including, but not limited to 3D printers, CNC Millers, 40 watt lasercutter, machine shop, woodworking shop, auto bay, video/audio studio, art studio, sewing station, meeting rooms, data center, robotics lab, vacuum chamber, and we’re continuously expanding our resources. “TinkerMill is a collection of incredibly talented artists, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, business experts and overall creatives who want to learn, teach and create. TinkerMill gives them the place, and the tools — like 3D printers, lasercutters, welding equipment, small data centers, electronics, robotics and much much more — to be the most creative they can be. It’s a creative community workshop for Longmont and we’re open to all.” — Scott Converse, Founder
Sunday: Open house
Tuesdays at 7pm: Member meeting and open house
Thursdays: Work from TinkerMill day
Evenings & Weekends: Events, classes & demos

Attraction Details

Attraction Type: Leisure

Season: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Before You Visit

Entrance Fee: $0.00
Pet Friendly: No
Kid Friendly: No
Senior Friendly: Yes
Fun Under $5: Yes
Has Picnic Area: No
Has Public Restroom: Yes


Tinker Mill
1840 Delaware Place
Longmont, Colorado 80501
(720) 204-3090


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