Jai Thai & Sushi

 A Unique Dining Experience

Jai Thai & Sushi combines the bright, vibrant flavors found in traditional Thai cuisine, with rich, savory Japanese spices and ingredients. This creates a truly unique menu, representing the finest cuisine East Asia has to offer. Jai Thai is the only kaiten-style sushi restaurant in Northern Colorado, providing diners with a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Kaiten-style sushi allows diners to peruse the sushi selection as it comes by on a conveyor belt from the kitchen, taking whichever dishes they would like to try. Sushi served kaiten style arrives on small plates, allowing diners to sample a large variety of flavors. In addition to the sushi kaiten, diners can order full rolls off the menu, or enjoy a variety of Thai and Japanese appetizers, soups, noodles, curries, and stir-frys. 

Come join us for a dining experience you won’t soon forget!


2055 Ken Pratt Blvd Ste. A
Longmont, Colorado 80501
(303) 485-9848


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