St. Vrain Historical Society Hosts Hoverhome Event

Back when Longmont’s busy Hover Street was just a dirt road, the Hover family’s annual Sylvan Supper was the talk of Longmont. August 25 through 27, Hoverhome guests will step into the life Charles, Katherine and Beatrice Hover loved. “Hot Time in the Old Town” is set in 1925 at the family’s historic farmstead with food, fun and true-to-life characters from Longmont’s history.  There will also be music, and the opportunity to learn the Charleston. This Roaring 20s outdoor event starts with a full supper, some unforgettable characters and Mr. Hover’s favorite, homemade, cherry pie.  Tickets are $35 per person and benefit the St. Vrain Historical Society.

The Hover family owned a 160-acre farm in western Longmont at the turn of the 20th Century. Charles and his wife, Katherine had one daughter, Beatrice, and the Hovers were known for their generous and exquisite hospitality. Hoverhome, their 6,000 square-foot English Tudor, Gothic revival home located on the property, played host to numerous community events, none more popular than their annual Sylvan Suppers.

Salads being served at a Sylvan Supper.

The word “Sylvan” refers to a wooded, pastoral location, and the name gives it a poetic sound. Perhaps, this name was given because of the atmosphere of the large grove of Catalpa trees grown on the Hover farm. The first Sylvan Suppers were hosted by the Hovers as a fundraiser for St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, and the church’s Ladies Guild helped Katherine and Beatrice prepare elegant feasts suitable for the occasion.

Hoverhome’s grounds were arranged with small tables and chairs for the event. Booths and tables were festooned with ribbons and flowers, and Japanese lanterns were hung festively from the trees. There were also a few novelties like a bun bush—which featured buttered buns wrapped in yellow oil paper and hung from a bush. The home’s gardens contained a wide variety of festive flowers completing the ground’s ambience.

Some Sylvan Suppers served buns by wrapping them and hanging them in bushes for guests to pick and eat.

“Hot Time in the Old Town” recreates this Hover experience in the year 1925. Upon arrival, guests will enjoy a supper on the grounds of Hoverhome. Afterwards, guests will enjoy an interactive program where they will be able to meet Charles, Katherine and Beatrice Hover, and their friends and family who have joined them for this special event. The Hovers and their friends and family will share the history of their home, and what the little farm town of Longmont looked like in 1925 with their guests.

Guests are encouraged to wear 1920s attire to this family-friendly event, but it is not required. Hot Time in the Old Town at Hoverhome, 1309 Hover St., will begin at 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 25 and Saturday, Aug. 26 and at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 27. Advanced reservations are required. For more information and to purchase tickets call (303) 776-1870 or visit Proceeds from this event benefit Historic Hoverhome and The St. Vrain Historical Society, Inc.

Sylvan Suppers sometimes had themes like this luau event.

All photos courtesy of the St. Vrain Historical Society.

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